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HCI Research Group
Dept. Computer Science
K.U. Leuven
Celestijnenlaan 200A
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Welcome to the HCI research group


Research in the HCI group focuses on how people interact with information, relying on language technology (including text and multimedia mining), visualization and computer graphics. The focus is on new algorithms and interaction techniques, using the full spectrum of hardware from small mobile devices to large multi- touch displays. Applications include technology enhanced learning, music, research information systems and virtual worlds.

Our group is also subdivided into three subgroups:


More specifically, our research themes include:

  • Information Visualization and recommendations: We capture user interactions in the form of so-called attention metadata. By visualizing these data, we provide dashboards that enable users to steer their activities in a "quantified self" kind of way. Moreover, we also mine attention metadata for recommendations of resources, activities and people.
  • Computer graphics: Image-based relighting algorithms. Global Illumination: perception-based, real-time, complex visibility, bidirectional transport, mathematical frameworks. Point-based graphics. And Texture Synthesis & Procedural textures.
  • Text based information retrieval and search: Specifically for text content, we work on recognition, information extraction, classification and filtering, text mining, both from well-formed and noisy texts, the latter including spam mails, spammed Web sites and blogs. Cross-media and cross-lingual alignment and summarization of content enables knowledge acquisition from text.


HCI research group consists of 31 researchers


ACCUMULATEACquiring CrUcial Medical information Using LAnguage TEchnology
DISKDIScovery of Knowledge on Chinese Medicinal Plants in Biomedical Texts
iV&LCombining Computer Vision and Language Processing For Advanced Search (EU ICT COST Action)


The professors of the HCI Research Group are responsible for all courses in the domain of databases, multimedia, human computer interaction, computer graphics and information retrieval.